La'Mar Matthews, a State of Maryland Licensed Massage Therapist, made significant contributions to her local community for many years through peer review, case study collaborations, participating in various youth mentorship programs and via volunteer efforts with local businesses and/or churches.   La'Mar originally opened an independent massage practice under her own name in 2012 in downtown Baltimore and later partnered with an exceptional and simply amazing Licensed Esthetician Darlene Johnson in 2014.  Since then, the business venture bloomed into a thriving Massage and Skincare practice appropriately named Effleurence Studios Massage & Spa.   La'Mar graduated from the Community College of Baltimore County (CCBC) and presently holds a license to practice massage in the State of Maryland. La'Mar also studied for nine months at the Baltimore School Of Massage (BSOM). During her academic pursuit, she has been exposed to many popular modalities which includes but are not limited to: Swedish, deep tissue massage, myofascial release, neuromuscular “trigger point” techniques, craniosacral, hydrotherapy, movement and structure, shiatsu, and sports massage to name a few. These skills has provided a rich understanding and comprehensive ability to provide injury treatment, pain management, and other medically indicated massage treatments as well as general relaxation.


Other holistic trainings and exposure (obtained specifically through the CCBC) include: Tuina, Ayurveda, Lomi Lomi, Zero Balancing, Manual Lymph Drainage, Pregnancy and Infant massage. La'Mar is skilled in wellness massage related to stress management, client education, health maintenance and certified in infant massage, cupping therapy and table Thai massage techniques. 


In an added effort to understand and relate to the marvelous human anatomy, La'Mar attended several separate sessions at the Anatomy Gift's Registry (AGR) the Human Anatomy Wet Lab. The Wet Lab allows participants to obtain extensive hands on knowledge about the human anatomy, physiology and various disease processes. She was privileged to see and feel fresh, not formalin fixed human remains, organs and tissue.


The methodology practiced at Effleurence Studios is to improve the health and well-being of each and every client we service.  


Darlene Johnson, a State of Maryland Licensed Esthetician, is an individual who is very passionate about the field of skincare. Darlene graduated from Steiner Institute at The Baltimore School of Massage. Darlene Received awards for having perfect attendence and for maintaining a 4.0 G.P.A during her training at the Steiner Institute. During her training, she acquired the knowledge to perform many modalities such as ; European facials, specialty facials, hair removal (waxing and tweezing), body treatments, basic reflexology, aromatherapy, eyelash extensions, eyebrow/eyelash tinting, lymph drainage, and makeup aristry.


Darlene has a vast knowledge of the skin and underlying tissues. Darlene goals are to help you look healthy on the outside and feel healthy on the inside. The holistic aspects of this buisness is the most important value that she wants to bring to her clients.


Effleurence Studios tailor bodywork to furnish personal and individualized massages and skincare techniques.


Assist clients with pain relief and stress reduction through the use of various mechanical techniques

Provide a professional and healing environment for every client

We promote a positive, enthusiastic and helpful attitude

Ability to create and/or maintain a warm, inviting and professional environment

Proficient in client assessment and developing reasonable & practical protocols to address the client’s needs

Educate guests about individual massage, skincare, and body treatment needs and other services available

Direct and assist guest in the proper use of steam, sauna, whirlpool bath and suntan units to ensure the guests satisfaction, safety and well-being.

For a complete bio, please feel free to contact us directly.  Thank you for your support.

Specialized Packages Are Available

All spa parties are specifically customized to fit your individual needs & style.

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